Sam Gallow Ford - Very poor customer service

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Update by user Dec 03, 2012

After many broken words of promise from the used car managers, I finally had to see the head manager. He did instantly resolve the issue of the money, but never once apologized for the bad customer service. I will and do not recommend them for business.

Original review posted by user Oct 09, 2012

When I bought my used 2010 Nissan Versa they gave it a free detailing.I asked them to make sure the seats and floor mats were shampooed.

After getting car back from detail shop I noticed the only thing they had cleaned was the exterior. My sales lady blamed it on the poor foreign laborers that work in the detail shop, and then never offered to correct the problem. I had to go speak with the used car sales manager to get that situation rectified. I referred my girlfriend to my sales lady, and my girlfriend bought a used car.

I was told I would receive a $100 kick back for the referral. Well, seven weeks later, a personal visit to speak with manager, and a few phone calls to them and I still have not received the money. The used car manager promised he would not drop the ball on this!

Needless to say I am still waiting for the money or a phone call.Communication and customer service is non-existent.

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Sam Gallow Ford - Sam Galloway Service Stinks!!!

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We took our 2006 Windstar in to have the electric doors serviced.One was working, the other was not.

When we were called to pick it up, neither door was not working, the electric locks were not working as well. They had the car 8 days and worked on it for 3 hours, screwed it up, and the manager did not even know it. We took it back, and are now being told that they do not know how to fix it???? And for this service, they charge $100/hr.

!!!They must think the public are idiots!!!So much for customer service index.

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Sam Gallow Ford - Crocked ... stay away

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Crocked ... Don't Go Near Them"Ž"Ž

By Mallory - Jun 28, 2010

My father-in-law was very badly ripped off. He realized it the next day. He had huge difficulties trying to get his money and trade-in back. His deal was adjusted only after threats of bad press and a legal battle. He died before he ever got the car title for his new car. His estate has tried to get the new car title from Sam Galloway for several months now. Phone calls don't get returned ... promises are made and then not kept.

It may take 1 year for us to get the new car title and the temporary plates have long expired. This new car is confined to a driveway with expired temporary plates. We are preparing to take legal action just to get the title to a new car purchase from Sam Galloway Ford of Ft Myers. Stay miles away from this outfit, especially if you are over 70. I hear they prey on seniors. My father-in-law was an experienced car buyer who purchased several new cars for children and grand children without problems last year from Ohio car dealers. I am amazed he and now his estate have been so poorly treated. This is a poorly managed and crocked outfit.

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